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Social Media Buzz and 20 new stores already!


Oh! New Year's Tree had a great product launch this past December!  We would like to thank all of the families who bought and used our kits for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!  We received wonderful feedback from parents and kids who loved dressing up their trees for New Year's Eve.  And our Wish Holder ornament seemed to put the icing on the New Year as the last ornament hung on the tree, with their secret wishes for the New Year stored inside until next holiday season!

We were even noticed by Hollywood, with a totally unexpected, but wonderful, Instagram post from actress and mother of 2, Alyssa Milano!  Special thanks to her for helping spread the word about the hottest NEW holiday classic for families!

We are now meeting with retailers to get our kits into more stores for 2017.  We have 20 new customers already nationwide and are adding more each day.  Send us an e-mail (under "contact us") if you are interested in stocking Oh! New Year's Tree on your shelves this coming December!  We have great marketing and PR campaigns that will be building awareness heading into the latter half of 2017!  Until then, Happy New Year's Tree!