Transform your Christmas tree into a New Year's Tree - easy and fun

Two Holidays. One Tree.

Ever wonder what to do while you're all waiting for that old crystal ball to drop?  Why not try something NEW this New Year’s Eve!

Dress up your tree and wish upon the New Year.  Your Christmas tree is still up for the holidays.  Leave it decorated, but add some extra flair to spruce it up for New Year's Eve!

Toss Streamers and Wish Upon the New Year

All together now!  Simply toss the colorful streamers right onto your decorated Christmas tree!  Place the shiny, gold hat atop the tree and enjoy your tree’s festive new look. 

And while you’re at it, hang one last ornament on the tree with your wishes for the New Year stored inside.  Create lasting memories year after year when you find your hidden wishes!

Exclusive Illustrated Storybook

The Oh! New Year’s Tree activity kit includes a beautifully illustrated storybook featuring brother and sister Mack and Mae Holiday, who secretly figure out a way to extend the holidays! Written by Angela Sartori, and Illustrated by award winning Brit, Alexandra Ball, whose work can most recently be seen in Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book.  At last, a holiday classic for New Year's.

What will YOUR "before" and "after" look like?

Your tree is already beautiful, but it will take on a whole new look that will bring unexpected delight to your evening's festivities. Oh! New Year's Tree is a fun, easy activity that family and friends can enjoy together.  At home or at a party.  Just wish, toss and smile!

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