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Resolutions for New Year's Eve? Wishes might be more fun!


Now let's make some wishes upon the new year, for health and for happiness, kindness and cheer!  Sure, adults sometimes like to make resolutions for the new year.  Get organized, get in shape, get a new job, travel more.  The list goes on.  And while resolutions are useful in some regard, they are sometimes reluctantly made and then broken early in the new year.

Why not change things up a bit this year and make resolutions a bit more fun!  And get the whole family involved.  Kids usually don't make resolutions, but kids LOVE to make wishes.  Now there needs to be some guidelines, of course.  Since Santa just delivered many of the items on their Christmas lists, asking kids to wish for less material items is called for.  So, they might have a goal in mind - say 'making the soccer team.' Have them put this on their wish list for the new year.  Things they want to accomplish or places they would like to visit.  Or just simple things they would like to do with their family - like 'take more family bike rides.'

Use Oh! New Year's Tree Wish Lists to record those wishes with family and close friends.  Then fold them up and store them safely in the Wish Holder ornament.  Keep your ornament in a place you can peek into during the year.  Or if you'd rather, store them and re-rediscover those wishes next year when you decorate your tree again.  See if any of the wishes came true.  Or if you MADE them come true!  If you did, maybe you just followed through on one of those resolutions after all!