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Add some glee to your tree and delight the whole family!



Put down your devices and bring the family together with an unexpected activity for New Year’s Eve!  Give your home one last holiday hurrah with Oh! New Year’s Tree.  Your tree is probably still up - most of us are disappointed when it comes down - so why not give it one last chance to celebrate with you?  Create memories for New Year’s Eve like never before with Oh! New Year’s Tree.

I have always wished there was more to New Year's Eve than just wearing hats, shaking noisemakers and waiting for that old crystal ball to drop in NYC.  And while resolutions are a way to set goals for the new year, it is a difficult concept for kids to grasp.  For my family, making wishes for the things we wanted to accomplish or the places we wanted to travel to was much more fun! 

Storing the wishes on our dressed-up tree has instilled lasting memories in our kids. Oh! New Year's Tree is a new and easy way to keep the holiday spirit alive just a bit longer.  A great activity if you are home for New Year's Eve with family and friends.  Or bring a kit along to the party!